The Paddock – Middle Drove

The Paddock, located at Middle Drove, Marshland St. James, Wisbech. PE14 8JW is a perfect space for those who wish to shoot at up to 80m, it is furnished with a wide range, easy access and parking and in coming soon on-site storage directly next to the range. We even have a shelter to leave kit or to head for cover in the event of bad weather.

The Paddock can be booked and used from April – September inclusively and we welcome all archers to come and shoot no matter if for leisure or competitively and is available the followings days:

Wednesday1pm – Sunset (8pm)
Sunday9am – 1pm

The Wednesdays & Sundays shoots are for the members who signed up to two additional days for archery. On these days, archers are independent archers who can enhance their skills, practice for competitions or just have a leisurely shoot. Archers can book their preferred session, turn up and shoot.

We also currently use the site for our weekly club shoots which take place each Saturday at the Paddock.
Members can book their preferred session either 10am – 11.45am or 12pm – 1.45pm.


All bookings are made via the TryBooking system by using this link
Please note, archers should book their session before 8 pm the night before when the booking closes.