I have collected a series of videos from World Archery and our friends at Merlin Archery that will hopefully help you get the most from your course. I have organised them into the 6 weeks so you can identify with what you have learned in that week and from the handouts I have provided.

If you have any questions in regards to the course or any element of recurve target archery please don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy shooting

Rob Lucas – Senior Coach

Week 1 – Basic Barebow

Understanding archery safety. Introduce the basic components of archery and start shooting barebow.

Beginners Session 1 Handout

Week 2 – Freestyle

Student will move up to freestyle shooting and learn how to adjust sights to improve shot. Focus will be placed on their stance and positioning of hand.

 Beginners Session 2 handout

Week 3 – Development

The student will learn how to setup and take down their bow and develop good preparation to shoot.

Week 4 – Improvement

The student archer will learn the components of arrows in more detail and focus on developing their draw.

Week 5 – Scoring

The student archer will learn the process of scoring a competition round. Further focus will be on their anchor, aim and release.

Week 6 – Final Assessment

The archer will finally complete the course with a full range setup, a short competition shoot and an assessment of competency.

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  1. We were advised that there would be a 4 week beginners course starting in June 2022, so far we have received no information regarding this despite l expressing interest at the ‘taster’ day.

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